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Experts for over 50 years in cold storage and logistics

SG S.r.l. was founded in Viguzzolo, in the province of Alessandria as a small family business dedicated to the distribution of frozen products

to bars and restaurants in the area.

Over the years, together with the growth of the industry and the increase in the consumption

of frozen products, the company has evolved becoming more and more structured,

expanding the range of customers, and creating more and more collaborative relationships

with key players in large-scale retail trade.


The core business is the storage in cold rooms at controlled temperature of frozen and refrigerated products and the transportation on special insulated and refrigerated vehicles to sorting centers

or to large-scale retail outlets.


Nowadays, SG S.r.l is a solid and continuously growing company not only in number of employees but also in workload. The pursuit of cutting-edge technologies, such as mechanization and automation

of processes, further promotes efficiency in the performance of activities,

increasing the quality and speed of service.

Want to learn more about the history of SG S.r.l.?

Read the interview released to Confartigianato.

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